This e-zine is open to submissions for publication on this blog. For the time being, there will be little to no financial reward for publication, but in the future that will change depending on the success of the blog. For now, this is just an excellent place for new and experienced authors to get noticed.

This e-zine needs short stories and poetry. Short stories should be kept under 5000 words. Poems should be 100-1000 words. Flash fiction is highly encouraged (500-1000 words). Please edit your fiction heavily before submitting it! Suggestion: let five of your friends give feedback before you ship it out to us.

Essays on a subject relating to horror, weird fiction, or bizarro fiction are also welcome, but you should inquire first before submitting anything. Reviews of books, especially hardcore horror and bizarro books, are more than welcome!

NOTE: Do not send us a reprint unless A) six months or longer has passed since the time of its last publication, and B) You have the right to have it posted here.
If your work is selected for publication on our website, we reserve the sole right to its publication for six months. If it is selected for our quarterly e-zine, then we reserve our rights for an additional six months. We will never hold the rights to something for more than a year.

If you want to be published here, your stories should be of excellent quality and proofread carefully. The editor will definitely read every story that comes in (so long as there is time enough), and he will proofread and edit each story that The Haunted E-Zine will publish as carefully as possible. However, to limit his headache, please make sure that what you've sent is as polished as you can make it. Stories with too many mistakes will likely be passed over entirely.

The genres that we work in are primarily weird fiction, horror fiction, and bizarro fiction. If it's weird, creepy, or outrageous, we want to take a look at it. If it's too gory for another zine, try us. If it's too mild for another zine, try us. That isn't to say we just take the garbage no one else wants; the goal here is to give a home to unusual stories that might simply not fit in the framework of other zines, blogs, and anthologies.

Authors selected for the kindle E-Zine will be compensated, but due to the large number of authors and the unpredictable nature of ebook sales, don't expect more than a few bucks for the first few issues. After that, we'll play it by ear.

We may very well be willing to provide payment now to an artist or photographer who can submit relevant art for the site, so please do contact us if you are particularly skilled with graphic design or photography.

Please send all submissions to and make sure the subject line is as follows: SUBMISSION: SS "Story Title"
SS = short story
FF = flash fiction
If you have a poem, just write: SUBMISSION: Poem
If you want to know if your non-fiction works for us, just write: SUBMISSION INQUIRY.
Send all submissions in .DOC or .DOCX format.

By submitting your things to us, you grant us the right to publish at any time should we deem your content appropriate. Please do not submit the same document elsewhere unless you have not heard from us for up to a month. We will notify you when we post your submission!

Thanks so much! Your interest makes this zine successful!