About Us

The Haunted E-Zine is a brand new attempt at creating an online e-zine for fiction of the creepy and bizarre variety. It is edited by Peter J. Towns and seeks contributions from many different authors. The goal is that by September, we will publish a new short story or poem every week, though of course this is subject to change depending on the input of authors and the schedule of the editor.

What you can hopefully expect from this site is the continuous publication of quality stories, and a quarterly PDF zine release that can be downloaded in ebook format off of Amazon.com. At the end of the year, all four PDFs will be combined into one large Kindle document which will feature additional short fiction that wasn't published online.

We recognize that there are other similar, more established zines of this type, but weird fiction genres are particularly difficult for new authors to break into. Our hope is to make this e-zine professional and respectable enough so as to be able to provide those who are published here with a bit of a credential when seeking to publish elsewhere.

Our ultimate goal would be to found our own press, but due to logistic troubles, the online zine will probably have to go on its own for a while first.

Thank you sincerely to everyone for your interest. If you want to submit a short story or poem, please see our submissions page. Please also consider passing us on to your friends, family, coworkers, arch-nemesis, and anyone else who might be interested in the material provided here.